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EPL Diamond is a group of companies combining its own lapidary production, its own jewelry production, its own retail chain of jewelry stores.

As early as 1997, EPL Diamond became the first company that participated in the Israeli Diamond Exchange, and in 2004, the company became a member of the Shanghai Diamond Exchange.

The first store was opened in 2006 and the same year EPL Diamond became a member of the Association of the Guild of Jewelers. The year of 2007 represented a milestone for the company as EPL Diamond grew its retail chain and opened its stores

More than 25 years of successful work, EPL Diamond won the leading status on jewelry market. Today the company has more than 170 stores located in almost every country of the world (Austria, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Peru, New Zealand, USA, Canada).

One of the assets of EPL Diamond is the patented method of diamond cut - Firing Ice™. Firing Ice™ is an ideal diamond cut to perfect proportions and angles, has excellent polish and symmetry ratings according to the world standard “Hearts-and --Arrows Pattern”.