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Firing Ice™

Firing Ice™ Diamond by EPL Diamond has an ideal diamond cut to perfect proportions and angles, has excellent polish and symmetry ratings according to the world standard “Hearts-and --Arrows Pattern”.


Hearts-and-Arrows Standard first appeared in the middle 80s of the XX century and gained worldwide recognition as the standard for diamonds with absolutely perfect cut. The Hearts-and-Arrows Pattern cut requires the best rough diamonds and the scrupulous craftsmanship of the best cutters. Only 0.001% of the world's rough diamonds are suitable for producing perfect diamonds. Only a few hundred craftsmen can make the perfect cut. And only a few companies create diamonds under “Hearts-and-Arrows”.

In 2008, EPL Diamond implemented the production of “Hearts-and-Arrows Standard” diamonds under the trademark Firing Ice. Today, EPL Diamond is proud of its most ideal cut Firing Ice™ diamonds that became the hallmark of the company.


Firing Ice™ is EPL Diamond Warranty of quality and uniqueness. All diamonds have excellent color and clarity characteristics - at least 4/7, i.e. the stone does not have a yellow tint, defects and has high transparency.

Image shows the arrow pattern as seen from above.
Image shows the heart pattern as seen from below.

Firing Ice™ diamonds provide maximum brightness and brilliance. Firing Ice™ diamonds have a light return of up to 98%, while with traditional cut up to 70% in daylight. This difference is very noticeable to the unaided eye, and absolutely obvious in contrast to color and clarity.

If you inspect Firing Ice™ diamond in monocular, eight arrows are clearly visible in the diamond when viewed from above, and when viewed from below - eight hearts.

The ideal glow of Firing Ice™ diamonds is unique, the combination of brilliance and light reflection makes Firing Ice™ diamonds - perfect!

Certificate No. 332862. Certificate No. 337430 (English).

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