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Bracelets with diamond

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    Bracelet is one of the oldest forms of fashion accessory. It makes your outfit complete and full, emphasizes the unique style of the owner.

    EPL Diamond offers a variety of bracelets made of 22kt Silver, 14kt White and Yellow Gold, 18kt White and Yellow Gold or Platinum accented with mini figures, diamonds, chrome diopside, tanzanite and other precious stones.

    Bracelet can be a very good gift option for a new Mom (bracelet with mini-figure), for little princess (silver bracelet with diamond accent), for your anniversary, for a birthday or any other special occasion.

    As any other piece of EPL Diamond jewelry, bracelets have been meticulously crafted by EPL Diamond artisans in Yakutia (Saha), Russian Federation and ready to be shipped in a branded package to you!